Maker Glass

What is Gorilla Glass?

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance™ is an alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is better able to survive the real-world events that most commonly cause glass failure. With its new core composition, this glass enables improved damage resistance and toughness by helping to prevent the deep chips and scratches that cause glass to break.


  • Same Stiffness as Aluminum
  • Superior Surface Quality
  • High Resistance to Scratch and Sharp Contact Damage
  • 15 Times Greater Damage Resistance versus Soda Lime(Regular) Glass
  • Handles 6 Times More Load to Failure in a Ring-on-Ring Test versus Soda Lime(Regular) Glass
  • Pencil Ground Edgework



Q: Isn’t this stuff flexible?

A: It will flex before failing, yes, but it is as rigid as a piece of soda lime glass several times thicker because of the 50 micron thick compression layer it gains from the chemical treatment.

Q: Why get this over borosilicate?

A: Native Damage Resistance… The glass doesn’t fracture or loose strength from surface scratches(If you can scratch the surface under normal use in the first place). Just talk to someone that was removing a print and removed a piece of their borosilicate glass… Or shattered it because of a printer error that drove their hot end into the bed… Not with Maker Glass.

Will take 3-4 weeks turn around time from manufacturer unless stock is on hand.


  • Gorilla® Glass 3 with NDR™ Chemically Treated
  • Weight: 0.75-1.00 lbs(0.34-0.45 kg)
  • Thickness: 2mm(As rigid as a piece several times thicker)

200mm x 200mm

Printer Compatibility

  • Various RePrap Printers(Too Many to List)

220mm x 220mm

Printer Compatibility

  • MonoPrice Select V2
  • Tevo Tarantula Standard Bed
  • Wanhao Duplicator 3

220mm x 280mm

Printer Compatibility

  • Tevo Tarantula Large Bed

300mm x 300mm

Printer Compatibility

  • Folger Tech FT-5
  • Lulzbot TAZ
  • HBOT 3D F300

250mm x 400mm

Printer Compatibility

  • Tevo Black Widow

300mm x 400mm

Printer Compatibility

  • CraftBot XL
  • Scalar XL
  • Lynx3D

400mm x 400mm

410mm x 410mm